Hard Driving Series, Book 1
Racing is in Kerri Hart’s blood; it’s the family business, literally. But Hart Racing is in dire financial straits, and as the only female rookie driver, all the sponsorship offers she gets seem to involve push-up bras and unzipped racing suits. Not the message she wants to send to her young fans.

When Ranger Colt pops up on her headset while she’s prepping for a major race, she’s pissed, telling him to get off her channel. She’s angrier still when she learns that her brother Grady has made a deal with Colt Hardware, selling them a significant stake in Hart Racing.

So she’s got no choice but to work with him. Fine. Things get even worse when Kerri’s image takes a nose-dive (thanks to a moronic ex-boyfriend). Before she knows it, Kerri and Ranger are fake-engaged for the sake of the team. She really loathes Ranger– like, can’t keep their hands off each other loathes him. Will what started as a fake relationship blossom into real feelings for each other?

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Shifting-Gears-by-Audra-North-300SHIFTING GEARS

She’s not at all what he expected. He’s just as sinfully sexy as she remembered. And together they’re about to heat up the track.

Hard Driving Series, Book 2
Grady Hart is the black sheep of his family. For years he’s managed the Hart Racing team, but while racing is in his blood, his real passion lies under the hood. Ready to start out on his own, all he needs to do is find a replacement for his old job. However, the best candidate for crew chief isn’t someone he would have expected: sweet, proper Annabelle Murray, the literal Girl Next Door who’s definitely grown up since high school.

All her life Annabelle has tried to fit into the role of perfect daughter-and failed. Divorced, broke and living back home with her mother, she’s tired of trying to live up to her parents’ impossible standards. Taking on the position as crew chief for a successful racing team-and getting her hands dirty-is just what she’s looking for…but first she has to get past her old crush on her new boss. After all, it’s never smart to mix business with pleasure, or is it?

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Crossing the lineCROSSING THE LINE

Hard Driving Series, Book 3
He wanted her the first time he saw her. It didn’t matter that he was on stage in front of a room full of reporters, or that his publicist was telling him to move on, or that she was asking him a question about racing. One look at her “just been bedded” hair—completely at odds with her deliciously prim appearance—and Ty Riggs is hooked.

Corrine Bellowes is one of the woefully few women in a male profession: sports reporting. In a field where “Hey, sweetheart, can you fetch me a cup of copy” is part of her job description, she’s determined to keep things professional. And while interviewing Ty Riggs, the hottest new driver on and off the track, is a major scoop, Corrine knows that she is in major trouble when it becomes clear that Ty wants so much more and is determined to get it. As things heat up between them, Corrine finds herself on shakier ground. Her big secret just may destroy everything.

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