Two longtime friends turn up the heat during a snowy winter holiday…

Hot Winter Nights, Book 1
Rico Cardenas hasn’t seen Becca Neubaum in ages. Five years ago, he made one stupid comment to his childhood friend that drove a wedge between them.

Now, each of them just want to be alone for the holidays, though for different reasons. But when they both unexpectedly end up at the Neubaum family cabin right before Christmas, they also end up in each other’s arms.

With passion exploding between them, Rico finds he doesn’t want to let another day go by without Becca in his life. But will she feel the same way, or will it turn out to be just a case of Cabin Fever?

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Cold Comfort standardCOLD COMFORT

They’re practically strangers until a cross-country road trip turns into a journey toward love…

Hot Winter Nights, Book 2
Josh Neubaum can’t wait to get home for Thanksgiving. He’s even looking forward to the solo drive from California to Connecticut. A little time off of work, the freedom of the road, and family waiting for him at the other end. It couldn’t get any better than that.

But the day before he’s supposed to leave, Josh gets a request he isn’t in a position to refuse: he’ll have to bring the boss’s daughter along on his cross-country drive, since she happens to be moving to the East Coast at the same time.

Transporting the stuck up Monica Patel thousands of miles is already torture enough because she stands between Josh and a promotion. But it doesn’t help that he thinks she’s gorgeous despite her haughty, holier-than-thou attitude. A lot can happen during a week on the road, though…will Josh’s attraction to her grow into something much hotter, or will it end up being nothing more than cold comfort?

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It was the perfectly wrong time for her to stumble into romance, but can he manage to make it worth her while?

Hot Winter Nights, Book 2.5
Jill didn’t expect her semester in Leeds to start with getting dumped by her boyfriend. Especially since she only came to England to be with him. Two weeks in, all she wants to do is go home. Finding love with someone new is definitely not an option. But when she literally stumbles into grad student Stuart’s arms, her experience abroad becomes a lot more worthwhile.

NOTE: This story originally appeared in the ’90s Playlist anthology. You can get this book for free by signing up for my newsletter!