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October Fitness Challenge

Let's start out with the basics shall we, stretching. I know you are thinking, well that's easy. However you would be surprised by how many people don't stretch or can't stretch on a daily basis and I want to change that. There are different stretches you can practice but I have a few I like to do every morning.

Stretch your arms straight up to the ceiling then bend over and stretch towards the ground, that part isn't so easy right? Do that a couple times then open your legs and stretch down toward one leg then the other.

Next sit on the floor with one leg out and the other bent with your foot touching the straight leg's inner thigh (staff position in yoga). Stretch your upper body with your arms out trying to touch your feet. Please only reach as far as you can, don't strain or hurt yourself. Once you hold for eight count, switch to the other leg.

This next stretch is my favorite. Get into a lunge position and rest your hands on top of your thigh, looking straight ahead. Hold this for a count of eight then switch to the other leg. This is great for your hip flexors if you sit at a desk all day.

I also like to clasp my hands behind my back and stretch my arms out and up stretching out my back.

These stretches will help loosen up your muscles and wake you up for the busy day ahead. See if you and your family can try them every morning before work and school for the rest of the month.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food starts another exciting school year with our program, Food UnEarthed: Uncovering the Truth About Food. In this program we ask our students to become critical thinking food detectives. They are challenged to ask questions as they discover how to become a healthier individual. We also encourage them to think about how they can create a healthier community, nation and planet for the future. Have you ever thought about all the information you hear about food and nutrition? Are you sure it's all the truth? As we embark on this journey please feel free to check in to see what our students have experienced as well as getting some new recipes to experiment with. Each month we will also offer a family fitness challenge that you can partake in alone or with the whole family. Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to start asking questions and make changes in your life as well. Welcome to the mission!