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The Juror: from the 90s with fury, Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore in a victim-executioner game
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The Juror: from the 90s with fury, Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore in a victim-executioner game

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-08 12:03:37

Legal thriller inspired by a novel, the film also features a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cast and was to be directed by a very famous director.

When the film is far away in time and they have not inspired rivers of literature, we do not always find information, but we, as hounds, have worked briskly in search of curiosity and the effort ... it has not been in vain.

Before ending up in the hands of Brian Gibson, whom we know as the director of Poltergeist II - The other dimension (Poltergeist sequel: Demonic presences) and the biopic on Tina Turner Tina - What's Love Got to Do with It, The juror had been proposed to David Cronenberg, who was about to direct Crash. The agent of the director of Videodrome was so frightened at the idea that the provocative film with James Spader, Rosanna Arquette and Holly Hunter could ruin his protégé, who did everything to convince him to take the reins of our legal-thriller. Obviously he failed in the mission.

The juror is taken from the novel of the same name by George Dawes Green, who had the idea of ​​the book some time before writing it thinking of a trip by car aimed at killing the son of one of the passengers. The sequence is an important moment of the juror, whose ending we do not reveal. By the time of the Gibson film, the book had become a best seller in 22 countries, and therefore Hollywood offered a mountain of money to the writer, as he himself said.

In 1996 Demi Moore was still in top form. In 1990 he starred in Ghost, then in The shadow of the witness, Code of honor, Indecent proposal, The scarlet letter. Her cachet was conspicuous, but the juror did not give her great professional satisfaction, since she made her win, together with the hot Striptease, the Razzie Award for worst actress of the year. Even Baldwin did not unleash wild applause, and now the quality of his acting is much better than then. At the time, however, it was really beautiful and ... a sketch.

Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin are back to act side by side in the dramatic and moving An unexpected love, which tells the love story between a man who was blind after a car accident in which he lost his wife and a woman forced to devote himself to socially useful activities that he goes to his house to read for him. Directed by Michael Mailer and Dylan McDermott is also in the cast.

In the cast of The Juror, in the role of Oliver, the 12-year-old son of the female protagonist, we find Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was 15 years old at the time. The actor was not a mister nobody. After small parts in Behetoven and In the middle the river flows, Joseph had been noticed in Surprise Husband and especially in Angels. 1996 brought him not only the juror but also the sitcom A family of the third kind.

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