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Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato & Co .: These stars are not in the mood for the Met Gala
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Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato & Co .: These stars are not in the mood for the Met Gala

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-08 12:28:02

The Met Gala is generally considered the fashion and celebrity highlight of the year and brings the world's greatest stars to their best in terms of fashion. But not all celebrities are enthusiastic about the event - and some are even expressly not wanted there.

Amy Schumer is one of those who takes the exaggerated display of fashion a little too far, as she once explained on the «Howard Stern Show»: «It's like the people there are imitating a conversation. We have a lot of people Assholes dressed. I'm not interested in fashion. I left the gala earlier than I should and I met Beyoncé who asked if it was my first Met Gala. And I said, 'No, my last!' be it also her colleague Lena Dunham, as the two told in a «Lenny Letter» dialogue.

Demi Lovato also told «Billboard» that she had no fun at the Met Gala: «I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink. I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting right after the Gala,» said Demi .

Tina Fey vividly described her opinion on the event: «Imagine that you have a million poor people - all the people you would like to miss are there.» Gwyneth Paltrow also commented on the topic in an interview and said that the event was simply exhausting and hot and that crowds had to be pushed through.

Although he accompanied his currently pregnant girlfriend to the event, Zayn Malik also said in an interview with «GQ» that he could imagine a better evening outfit: «I would rather be at home and do something more productive than dress smartly.»

Two prominent men who will definitely not receive an invitation to the Met Gala in the future are Tim Gunn and - how could it be otherwise - Donald Trump. Gunn was exiled after chatting that Anna Wintour had two bodyguards carry her up stairs. Donald Trump's name came up when Wintour was asked on James Corden's show who she would never invite again.

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