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Awolnations relaxed quarantine playlist - with Aretha Franklin, Rodriguez and Beck
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Awolnations relaxed quarantine playlist - with Aretha Franklin, Rodriguez and Beck

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-08 12:53:57

Okay, I admit it: The American indie rock band Awolnation and their front man Aaron Bruno only appeared on my radar because they made this incredibly catchy song «Sail» in 2011. It was also used as an advertising jingle for a very well-known German beer brewery - it is Becks, yes. That's exactly where I met «Sail».

The fact that he appears in a beer commercial that wants to appear incredibly masculine has not changed the fact that «Sail» is just a really good song. Well nine years later, Aaron Bruno Lust has to release an Awalnation album on his own - unfortunately in the middle of the corona crisis.

Despite the spatial separation, he spontaneously recorded a duet version of his song «The Best» with the singer Alice Merton - and that even across two continents, because Bruno lives in Los Angeles, California, while Alice Merton is stuck in Berlin. Both even recorded a video for the song, where they both perform the song in their studios.

But otherwise the singer knows how to pass the time in self-isolation. It is no problem for him to spend time with his wife and two dogs for several weeks at a time. More than usual, he now has a lot of time to get in touch with his family and friends, or to interact with fans via social media. «I think it's important to keep in touch with the people you love,» he says. He often goes surfing, which would be quite relaxing without all the tourists.

For this he has set up a golden rule for himself: «Don't check the news too often - you have to take a break from fear and chaos.» But of course music also plays an important role for the musician in the crisis - it just doesn't work without it. So he also used the new free time to record all his songs again acoustically, only on the guitar. He usually listens to music in the car when he's on the go, but that's becoming less common at the moment. «Since I haven't gone anywhere great, I've only played my guitar most of the time,» he says.

The newfound acoustic love also runs through his quarantine playlist, which we commissioned from Aaron. Admittedly, it is also a bit retro, but something of relaxed and also puts you in a good mood - and the good guy also smuggled the closer of his recently released album «Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders» onto the playlist.

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