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Benji and Bella Thorne. Dissolved the duo with Faith because of his girlfriend?
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Benji and Bella Thorne. Dissolved the duo with Faith because of his girlfriend?

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-08 13:08:16

Benji and Bella Thorne continue to have discussions and not just for their great love. In recent weeks, in fact, it has become increasingly insistent that the artist has chosen to dissolve the duo formed with Federico Rossi precisely because of his girlfriend.

A choice that would match the friend's decision to do the same, supported by Paola Di Benedetto. «In truth our relationships have only given us the side effect of even more visibility and success,» Benji told the weekly Grazia, «gossip does not go hand in hand with music. We have not looked for it, but it is undeniable help you. « A denial across the board therefore, also because according to the boyfriend, he would have tried to prevent him from leaving his friend. «She's very focused on business,» she added, «a break means not having to get in for a while, but mine is a conscious choice of risks. I replied 'Don't worry. I'll take care of it'».

Benji and Bella Thorne will be two of EPCC's virtual guests, as always aired on Sky Uno in the early evening. Will they say anything more about their dissolution? After all, today is an important day for the former duo: not only will they meet, albeit virtually, in the program. On this day the book Naked was published, which the two artists wrote four-handed and in which they also talk about the reason that prompted them to dissolve the artistic partnership.

Benji and Bella Thorne are forced to stay away, but this quarantine period is not putting their love to the test. In fact, the two have the opportunity to see each other in videochat and then the model thinks about publishing some slightly spicy videos made a year ago. In fact, at the end of April, Bella shared on Instagram a short video made in the period in which she was in Italy. The two boyfriends play between kisses and tongues, while in the background the evergreen Raffaella Carrà sings with her Happy Birthday. Click here to watch Benji and Bella Thorne's video. Meanwhile, the model has already started the countdown for a big event: this year Paradise City will be distributed, the new drama and fantasy series in which we will see Thorne among the protagonists.

Benjamin instead chose to share a new love letter to his friend, Federico Rossi. The artist has retraced what has happened in these ten years of knowledge, revealing that he is more than proud to have had him by his side. «Dear Faith, on December 10th of this year we will have known each other for ten years and I must admit that in this decade you have become much more than just a friend, but a real brother». The affection he has always had for Faith is twofold: on the one hand he «loved immeasurably», on the other «hated immensely». And certainly envied, wounded. Although in the end «I believe in you more than I can believe in you and this has scared me a little in the past».

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