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TV series and music: the reggae from Bob Marley to today
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TV series and music: the reggae from Bob Marley to today

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-08 13:27:55

The combination of music and TV series has explored the world of indie-rock, the culture of jazz, the wide and varied world of electronic music of the last thirty years and reaches here, to a musical genre that can be defined as almost a religion, raggae.

Reggae since 2018 is a UNESCO heritage, included in the list of intangible assets of humanity, not only therefore a musical genre, but a culture, a way of life, which from Jamaica has conquered the whole world.

The reggae goes back to Bob Marley, who made sure that this musical genre could be known all over the world, when in the 70s he reached his greatest artistic maturity thanks to his most famous songs. So the world has known reggae as relaxing, conciliatory, positive and pacifist music.

Natural, therefore the combination with the world of the so-called binge watching TV series, that is, those TV series that watch and look at each other indefinitely, perhaps keeping them as a background while doing other things at home, working, cooking, studying. And they concern themselves precisely because they are comforting, relaxing and provide security. They can be sitcoms, comedies, but also those of the drama genre, which give off warmth with their many seasons and their realistic characters. They are TV series that in addition to being found in the main on demand platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have always been found on free TV channels, on weekend mornings and in the late evening, therefore perfect for being associated with moments of relaxation.

The first TV series reggae is definitely Friends, the undisputed queen of the most uncontrolled binge watching, to be seen and reviewed to calm down, reconcile in a comforting situation. In fact, there is nothing more comforting than Central Perk, Monica's apartment and that of Joy and Chandler. The years go by but Friends is appreciated even by the youngest and remains present on on demand platforms, such as Netflix, but also on TV channels, in the late evening or in marathons on the weekend, typical programming bands to appreciate this TV series.

For these reasons, the perfect match is Bob Marley, who with his discography made us dance, relax, have fun, but also excite, just like Friends. From Jammin, Bufalo Soldier to the most exciting Is this love and Redemption song, which has now become a hymn to freedom.

Follows Friends, another giant of the comedy genre, Modern Family, which now in its final eleventh season has conquered many Emmys for years, for TV series and its actors. Modern Family is choral, full of characters, who populate the plot with all their family ties around the family head Jay. Its comic charge lies in the characterization of the characters, hilarious, over the top, funny, often stuck in small troubles that try to solve with the help of each other.

The right pairing is with a contemporary reggae that has recent origins with Alborosie, of Italian origins, but for years active in Jamaica with its music. A music that brings back freshness and light-heartedness, which is danced with transport, bringing back decidedly rhythmic and contemporary sounds.

In the comedy category there is also another beloved TV series, Scrubs apparently parody of a world of doctors in the hospital, but in fact very realistic and intense. Scrubs is hilarious for his characters brought to the extreme of their idiosyncrasies, with passages that have become iconic, such as JD's visions, his friendship with Turk and the despotism of Dr Kelso and Dr Cox. But it is also very exciting and has given intense moments, thanks to the stories of the patients who intersect a lot with those of the protagonists and their growth.

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