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Billboard Hot 100: historic week for Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Drake. Lyrics, Doja Cat
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Billboard Hot 100: historic week for Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Drake. Lyrics, Doja Cat

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-14 13:53:58

Tags: Lyrics, Doja Cat.

Nicki Minaj, Drake and Chris Brown had a really good week in the standings. Here's what they got on the Billboard Hor 100.

In this week, the Billboard Hot 100 has reserved very important results for three of the most popular urban artists of the last 15 years. I'm talking about Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Drake, all of whom have brought home results that many artists will never see in their entire career. For the uninitiated, the Billboard Hot 100 is the ranking generally considered to be official for the American market, and consequently one of the most important rankings in the world. But what results has the trio of urban stars achieved? Let's find out together.

Nicki Minaj seemed to be one of those stars destined to never position himself at the top of this ranking, but in the end this curse ended thanks to his recent collaboration with rapper Doja Cat. Minaj is in fact part of the official remix of the song «Say So», song that has already become a worldwide hit in the solo version of Doja: the final sprint of the remix with Nicki has significantly increased the success of the song in the USA, bringing it directly to the top of the chart. In this way, both the rap / pop stars obtained the first number 1 in their career, but for Minaj the question is a bit ironic: the diva has in fact defined herself the queen of rap for about 10 years in a row, and now having got his first number 1 with the single of another rapper surely casts a shadow on his «self-coronation».

A week after the release of the album «Dark Lane Demo Tapes», Drake can be satisfied with his results, at least as regards the singles chart. While the album debuted at number 2 of the relative chart, thus interrupting a decade of number 1 in a row, the individual songs have all managed to enter the single chart, for a total of 15 new placements in the chart for Drake. In this way, moreover, the rapper equals an important Madonna record: starting this week both artists have a total of 38 entries in the top 10 of the ranking. Probably, Drake will soon be able to break the record since Madonna has not entered the top of the ranking since 2012.

Drake's result also helped another artist to get a very important result: it is Chris Brown, artist included in the song «Not You Too». Entering the rankings with the song by Drake allowed Chris to get his hundredth place in the rankings. Chris Brown becomes the first ever male R&B singer to reach this milestone: a result from the history of music. Brown recently made a hit in the USA with a previous collaboration with Drake, «No Guidance», a song that climbed to the fifth position of the classic: the couple continues to bring home remarkable results.

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