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New book - Clint Eastwood - Man with properties - by Kai Bliesener
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New book - Clint Eastwood - Man with properties - by Kai Bliesener

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-10 19:32:14

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The Schüren publishing house in Marburg, which has specialized in film and media for many years, publishes the book «Clint Eastwood - Man with Properties» by Kai Bliesener at the end of the month. «I am happier than ever in what I do.

Others my age might think about retiring, but my brain would probably rust. «This is how the publisher quotes the actor and director, who will soon be years old. What are the characteristics of Sergio Leone's» man without a name «in the course of the Years have shaped an American icon? What makes him one of the most effective filmmakers in the entire industry? What makes him so successful? The book seeks to answer these questions: Eastwood, who has been in the film industry for 60 years, is a superstar in which the spirits are separating: a box office magnet, one of the last directors of the old school and one who does not speak politically.

«Clint Eastwood - Man with characteristics» will be released on May 31st, according to the publisher, to mark the 90th birthday of the cinema legend.

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