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We are not the same: Luchè and CoCo remix Desires by Drake and Future
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We are not the same: Luchè and CoCo remix Desires by Drake and Future

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-10 19:44:35

Luchà and Coco have published on their respective Instagram pages a story in which they wrote «tonight at 10 pm» tagging each other, as a prelude to what we are proposing here: We are not the same, the new song published on SoundCloud and in the respective IGTV.

Following the announcement, the fans went into raptures and from 10 o'clock, the last post of the former Co'Sang began to shower with comments, because after that hour nothing had yet appeared on the social networks of the two BFM artists. Here comes the story of Luchà shortly after but only to justify the delay: «we are finishing the mix».

The so-called hype therefore increases dramatically, until around 11 pm the publication of Non Siamo Uguali arrives, their personal remix of Desires, a Drake track extracted from the recent Dark Lane Demo Tapes and created together with Future.

As is often done with remixes of this type, the flow chosen by the two follows the trail of the original, as well as the concepts treated by Luchà and CoCo above the beat: both speak to the listener of their sentimental relationships, between games of glances and messages saved on WhatsApp.

Once again, the two demonstrated exceptional alchemy when they are on the same track, as well as an excellent performance in doing justice to the colleague from Toronto's original.

What are we not equal to Luchà and CoCo: a freestyle resulting from the quarantine or the indication of a possible - and desired - collaborative project? We are not aware of this, the fact is that this gift has probably improved the weekend for many.

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