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But why did Elon Musk call his son X Æ A-12?
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But why did Elon Musk call his son X Æ A-12?

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-10 19:49:01

the essential The billionaire Elon Musk, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, and his partner, the singer Grimes, announced Tuesday, May 5 the birth of their first child. A little boy with a very enigmatic first name.

However, the couple did not do things in half and decided to call the little boy ... X Æ A-12. A surprising first name, which has questioned many Internet users who then hustled to find an explanation.

Fortunately, Wednesday, May 6, Grimes spoke on Twitter and gave more information on the meaning of the first name. «X for the unknown, Æ like the elven inscription for AI (love, or Artificial Intelligence), A-12 for the precursor of SR-71, our favorite plane (no defense, no weapons , just speed), «said the singer.

Invited in the podcast Joe Rogan Experience Thursday, May 7, Elon Musk said that it was his partner who had come up with the idea for this wacky first name. The billionaire explained that X was pronounced «like the letter» and «AE» like «ash». «A-12 is my contribution. The A-12 is the forerunner of the SR-71, the coolest aircraft of all time,» he added.

Worrisome and reassuring at the same time. Being on such a social level while also being stupid! It is dreamy, right? American greatness borders (in 1 or 2 words) sometimes on a grand scale. Coluche said: «there are people who have kids because they cannot have a dog».

Surprising that it is possible to record such a first name, but it is true, we are in the United States! being a billionaire does not imply a normal brain.

The parents were happy to give this enigmatic first name to their son. They will have to give him the explanatory booklet when he is old enough to understand.

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