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What happened to Blissett, the flop by Elton John
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What happened to Blissett, the flop by Elton John

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-10 19:49:51

In England they had understood before us, Luther Blissett was big and big but in the area he was not really a raptor of the goal. At home they renamed it «Luther Miss it», that is «wrong» because the networks - especially the easy ones - were more wrong than they did. Yet in 1983 it was strongly desired by the then president of Milan Giuseppe Farina who paid him not a little at Sir Elton John's Watford. And Blissett himself, introducing himself, authorized dreams of glory by saying: «Platini has scored 18 goals, I will score more. I will become the idol of the young».

Seen the results - 5 goals in 30 appearances - Farina soon said: «Blissett recommended me a gardener from London». At Datasport Blissett revealed: «A lot of people asked me why I chose to go to Milan, but when a club like the Rossoneri calls you - at a time when Watford came from second place and I had been the best bomber in all of Europe - just think about what great challenge and opportunity an experience in Italy can represent «.

And still today Blissett believes he was unlucky: «If there is a regret - even if it is perhaps not even fair to call it that - it concerns more than anything else the timing of my experience in Serie A. If I had arrived two or three seasons later I I would be confronted with an attitude to the game that was already changing. With the rise of Arrigo Sacchi, the way of approaching the game in Serie A completely changed, exploring unthinkable ways until just before. «

«During my experience at Milan the Italian game still revolved around the concepts of bolt and ball possession. Sacchi revolutionized all of this, as had happened in the past with total Dutch football. The defense mechanisms, the move to 4-4- 2, the offside tactics, attackers constantly projected on the attack with the support of strikers from midfield ... They were all new concepts «.

And again: «In Serie A I learned what it meant to mark man, and this did nothing but increase my technical background as a footballer. It made me a better player and showed me what football was like outside of England. I think that all English players who want to test themselves abroad should do it without hesitation. You should never underestimate what you could get from a new experience. «

Blissett returned to England in 1984 at Watford and continued to do discreet things then moved on to Bournemouth, West Bromwich Albion and Bury, between the first, second and third English series. In 1994 he decided to pursue his coaching career: he was part of Watford's technical staff from 1996 to 2001 and subsequently on the benches of some minor English teams, including York City and Chesham Utd. His great passion is cars.

In 2007 he started Team48 Motorsport with the aim of qualifying for the 24 Hours of Le Mans with his personally built Alfa 156. His name was also linked to a collective of performers, artists and activists who used it as a pseudonym to denounce the mass media system. Blissett became even more famous with the 1999 novel Q.

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