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Who is Emilia Clarke: age, height, body, husband and film of the actress
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Who is Emilia Clarke: age, height, body, husband and film of the actress

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-10 20:16:29

From the movie «I before you», to Star Wars and «Game of Thrones»: who is Emilia Clarke, age, height, physique, husband, children, illness and private life and more, curriculum, biography, history, career and successes.

She is known for playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons in the hugely popular US TV series Game of Thrones.

He has starred in many films including: Spike Island, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Terminator Genisys. Beautiful and talented, a dazzling smile, a sunny and joyful character. A cheeky air behind which, however, a not quite simple past is hidden. And also a lot of fear due to a serious health problem that affected her. We are talking about the British actress of the «Game of Thrones» protagonist, but who is Emilia Clarke today, what is her true story, who is she married with, who were her boyfriends, if and how many children she has, not all of them they know.

That's why we will try to get to know you better, talking about your professional, but also personal history. How he achieved success and what he did yesterday. How the passion for acting was born and what are the difficulties that a young actress like you had.

To find out who Emilia Clarke is Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos with trailers of her famous films, they will help us to find out the age, who she is engaged with if she is how many children she has and her real name.

Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke was born in London on 23 October 1986 and is from the zodiac sign of Libra. She is one meter fifty-seven cm tall, has blue eyes and brown hair.

She grew up in Berkshire with her parents and brother. She attended St Edward's School in Oxford and then enrolled in the University of the Arts London Drama Center London, where she graduated in 2009. She lives in Hampstead in the London metropolitan area but also owns a home in Venice Beach, in California.

As for the sentimental sphere, the actress is rather reserved. However, there are many flirts, the relationships that have been attributed to him over the years. Some were true, others were denied. Among the names of the alleged boyfriends of Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Corey Michael Smith, and Seth MacFarlan, they have a prominent place. It was also rumored that he would have had a flirtation with Kit Harrington (the Jon Snow of Game of Thrones), but the couple never confirmed this rumor. Now he seems to be single after saying he ended the romance with director Charlie McDowell.

As for private life, not everyone knows that she has had a very serious health problem. For her illness Emilia Clarke, she underwent two very delicate surgical operations due to two brain aneurysms. «Just when all my childhood dreams seemed to come true I almost lost the use of my mind and even my life,» revealed the young actress in a long interview.

Before seeing the protagonist of Game of Thrones in an important role like this always in front of the cameras in films such as Star Wars, she made herself known on the stage of musicals and theatrical performances. She began her acting career in theater by acting in numerous successful shows and musicals. During the years in which he attended the drama center he starred in numerous theatrical productions including: «A midsummer night's dream.»

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