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Mandy Rose listens to Eminem to charge
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Mandy Rose listens to Eminem to charge

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-10 20:18:43

Mandy Rose's words on her methods of preparing for a match.

Mandy Rose was one of the absolute protagonists of WrestleMania 36, ​​despite not having fought in any match. Godâ € ™ s Greatest Creation, in fact, intervened during the meeting between Dolph Ziggler and Otis helping the latter to win the contest. At the end of the match Otis and Mandy Rose kissed in the center of the ring making all the fans go crazy at home and even the managers themselves behind the scenes: the kiss between the two, in fact, was not scheduled and the two decided to improvise on the moment.

A large number of athletes all over the world of sport use music as a method of charging and trying to concentrate better on their performance. During a recent Q&A session on her YouTube channel, Mandy Rose underwent a real questioning from her fans. One fan in particular asked Godâ € ™ s Greatest Creation what his relationship with music was and how Mandy Rose charged herself before a match.

What makes me load and arrive prepared for a match? I usually listen to musicâ € ¦ often something hip-hop, something R&B, but without a doubt Eminem is the singer who loads me most.

Mandy Rose hasn't revealed what her favorite songs are, but we know for sure that if she needs an adrenaline rush at God's Greatest Creation just put on the headphones and start the verses of one of the best hip-hop artists Of all times.

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