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Queen: "My Friend Freddie" - Rudi Dolezal writes a book about Freddie Mercury
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Queen: "My Friend Freddie" - Rudi Dolezal writes a book about Freddie Mercury

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-10 20:24:12

Film producer and director Rudi Dolezal writes a book about Queen singer Freddie Mercury: «My Friend Freddie». The 62-year-old, who was responsible for countless Queen videos, was considered a close friend of Mercury. «Disciplined for several hours every day» he is now writing on the book, as he informed the Austrian «Kurier».

Dolezal also shot «These Are The Days Of Our Lives» in 1991, a kind of farewell ballad by Mercury for his fans. For this, the 44-year-old and his band stepped in front of the camera for the last time in May 1991. Speaking to People Magazine in 2019, Dolezal recalled this memorable time: «He knew how sick he was and that this would be the last time he was in front of a camera.»

And yet the singer would never have said a word about his illness. Not even in the presence of the director, who also saw his critical condition. «AIDS was never an issue,» said Dolezal, explaining, «He didn't want to talk about it. Most people didn't even know if he had it, apart from the band and a few people from the inner circle. He always said, ' I don't want to burden other people. «

The 62-year-old Dolezal can still remember the shoot very well: «The bottom of his foot was a completely open wound. He must have been in terrible pain, but you can't see that. You only see a man and his fate. But regardless of whether he was in pain or not, he always did his job. He didn't want any extra treatment. He was so brave. In retrospect, it would have been so easy to be a diva, but he wasn't like that. «

He particularly remembered the shooting of the last scene in the video. In this you can see Mercury finally taking a final heroic pose before he collapses with a chuckle, whispers the words «I still love you» into the camera and disappears from the picture with a flick. For Dolezal, this attitude says the most: «In these last seconds he gives us a summary of his whole life: 'I was a great superstar, but don't take it too seriously'. The» I still love you «applies to the fans Then he disappears from life. Even in his last moments he has planned his exit artistically. That's how he wanted it to be «.

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