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"Treat People with Kindness" by Harry Styles
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"Treat People with Kindness" by Harry Styles

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-10 20:37:46

The more these special days pass, the more Michka Assayas thinks that her role is to spread good vibrations. His choice today should, he hopes, help. Have you heard of an English singer named Harry Styles?

If you're under thirty, you're going to find this to be an inept question, because, as I speak, he is one of the most popular singers in the world.

Harry tumbled out of his village at the age of sixteen on a TV-hook show in London. With others who failed in this competition, he created a boy band adored in the nineteen tenies: One Direction.

And then, for three years, Harry Styles has taken an unexpected road. Kind of James Bond trend androgynous version, which walks top models behind the wheel of its 1972 Jaguar type E, silver, on the roads of southern California, it has a kind of hidden life: that of a music lover, unbeatable, for example, on the discography of an American group of the seventies, Steely Dan, not the best known.

So I spotted a hidden gem in Harry Styles' latest album, Fine Line, released last year. A song that Stevie Wonder could have signed and interpreted in the heyday, and which, at a time when we could be encouraged to distrust each other, spreads a warm word: treat others with kindness. Harry Styles, Treat People with Kindness, it's on France Inter.

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