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Wolverine: Rob Liefeld would like Hugh Jackman to return, wife.
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Wolverine: Rob Liefeld would like Hugh Jackman to return, wife.

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-12 13:03:56

Hugh Jackman is irreplaceable in Wolverine's legendary role even according to the creator of the Deadpool character.

Comic book creator Rob Liefeld is still obsessed with the great performance of the X-Men series star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and hopes the 51-year-old actor will resume his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jackman starred as the metal-clawed mutant in nine films between 2000 and 2017, until the character bade farewell to fans in Logan directed by James Mangold. Ryan Reynolds, who starred in X-Men with him: Wolverine, has previously tried - unsuccessfully - to draw him into the Deadpool spinoff franchise inspired by the characters created by Liefeld with Fabian Nicieza. With both the X-Men and Deadpool franchises now under the control of Disney and Marvel Studios, Liefeld says he doesn't «foolishly» believe that Jackman won't return to the role. «I'm stuck on Hugh Jackman the co-creator of Deadpool and X-Force told Inverse when asked which actor he imagines as Marvel's new Wolverine. «Having met Hugh, having loved Hugh ... Deadpool exists only because of Wolverine ... I was doing Deadpool [in the comics] to get right to the character to that iconic character. He was always the target.» «I can't answer this difficult question about Wolverine, I'm still stuck on the idea of ​​Hugh Jackman as the character,» said Liefeld. «I hope he comes back, I really hope so. The actor, however, has already been seriously firm about the fact that he won't be Wolverine, and I stupidly don't believe him.»

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are expected to restart Wolverine, whose real name is James Howlett, after the X-Men characters joined their superhero team with the $ 71.3 billion acquisition of Fox by Disney. Without a doubt, these iconic cues will return spectacularly to the scene in a future phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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