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The pursuit of happiness, with Will and Jaden Smith, Dating, The Karate Kid
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The pursuit of happiness, with Will and Jaden Smith, Dating, The Karate Kid

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-12 13:13:01

Tags: Dating, The Karate Kid

In San Francisco in the 1980s, Chris Gardner (Will Smith), a brilliant salesman and affectionate father, tries to guarantee a dignified and fulfilling life for his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) and son Christopher (Jaden Smith).

The man has invested all his savings in the purchase of a considerable quantity of scanners useful for revealing bone density. Unfortunately, doctors don't buy scanners because they find them too expensive and basically useless.

With the passage of time, the economic situation of the Gardner family becomes increasingly precarious and the ambitious wife decides to abandon her husband and son to start a life in New York.

Left alone with his beloved Christopher, Chris does not give in to despair and decides to enter as an unpaid intern with an important financial company. The Dean Witter is in fact looking for 1 aspiring Broker to be included in its staff. At the end of the six-month apprenticeship, only 1 of the 20 participants will get a place.

The proposed challenge is not simple: interns must be able to contact as many clients as possible and try to close a good number of contracts. For Chris it is the umpteenth leap in the dark: he has no certainty about the outcome of the internship and must endure six long months without a salary and with a young son to raise. As if this were not enough, the man is evicted from home and his car is confiscated.

But hope, stronger than fear and despair, will help Chris to face day after day with great determination all the catastrophic situations that will come before him, encouraged by his greatest supporter: his son Christopher.

The film was a great success with several awards, including 1 Oscar nomination, and 2 Golden Globes nominations.

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