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Coronavirus, you have too much to see Jason Momoa's masks inspired by his tattoo on his arm, Wife, Lisa Bonet
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Coronavirus, you have too much to see Jason Momoa's masks inspired by his tattoo on his arm, Wife, Lisa Bonet

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-12 17:44:30

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Jason Momoa, the protagonist of Aquaman and Game Of Thrones, has launched a new charity initiative on Instagram to fight COVID-19: the masks inspired by his tattoo on his arm.

Given the crisis caused by the coronavirus, wearing masks has become mandatory (as well as necessary) and Jason Momoa, Game Of Thrones' statuesque Khal Drogo as well as the marine hero with Aquaman's breathtaking physique and inhuman strength, had an idea about that we are sure you will like it. Yes, Lisa Bonet's husband Jason Momoa never misses an opportunity to demonstrate all his extreme coolness and huge heart (more than his biceps) once again, turning into this pandemic period from successful actor to mask maker for nose and mouth.

Jason Momoa On The Roam, a lifestyle brand that sells shoes, bags and climbing equipment, has started a new collaboration with the So iLL and Snake Bite Co. companies for the production of face masks. The announcement was made by Momoa himself who, via Instagram (@prideofgypsies), specified how the project was carried out solely and exclusively with a charity intent. Nice and good this Jasom Momoa, no doubt about it.

«We wanted to create a mask to help fight COVID and raise money for charity» Lisa Bonet's partner triumphantly announced next to a shot where he appears while proudly wearing one of his washable masks that have already become a cult, made entirely by hand and available in two colors: Roam Dirty Pink and Black Wolf, or pink and black. Currently available for purchase on the On The Roam website, these Jason Momoa masks are priced at $ 21.99. By buying them, you can do good as well as take a Jason «piece» home with you. Yes, the super cool thing is that the design shown on the front of the mask is inspired by the tribal tattoo that the 40-year-old star from Honolulu has on his left arm, so we can safely say that wearing it you can always carry a piece of Jason Momoa with you that we loved in the movie Acquaman.

This is not the first time that Momoa has become the protagonist of a charity initiative aimed at the fight against Coronavirus, at the beginning of the pandemic, in fact, Jason donated 20 thousand cans of his Mananalu Pure Water (yes, the actor of Acquaman has a whole water his, but moreover it could have been otherwise?) at the Navajo Reservation, located between Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. How can we not adore a man so caring, handsome, good and cool like few others? Ah dear Lisa, you are a lucky woman!

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