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Jeffree Star continues crying
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Jeffree Star continues crying

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-01-18 18:26:54

Jeffree Star has recently shared a photo on Instagram showing him crying with big tears. He called the pic «Cry me a river».

The photo is a real work of art. It depicts Jeffree with an unusual makeup on his face. JawBreakerPalette was used to create such beauty – his eyes are colored with the orange, pink, purple and blue eye shadows. Jeffree’s eyelashes are extra-long, which makes the look even more extraordinary. A big tear is coming out of his left eye. The model’s hair is blue and white.

Most of Star’s fans just fell in love with the pic saying that the hair color is perfect and the makeup is stunning. They adore Jeffree calling him a beautiful queen.

It is time to stop crying, Jeff! Let me remind that several weeks ago the model broke with his beloved boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt.

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