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The photo of Jennifer Aniston as the most famous young man ever, Friends, Brad Pitt
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The photo of Jennifer Aniston as the most famous young man ever, Friends, Brad Pitt

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-12 17:51:03

Tags:Friends, Brad Pitt.

To have her say after weeks of quarantine, the actress of The Morning Show chooses a soo symbolic shot of her past.

Objectively, she is right. The last photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram is the quintessence of the end of endurance. Like everyone else, the actress of The Morning Show also suffered the limitations imposed by the lockdowns to contain the pandemic, while recognizing that rational moves were necessary. And like everyone else, it came to tilt. To explain her feelings, Jennifer Aniston fished a photo from the album of memories. In the true sense of the word, because it comes from the time when the stars were paparazzi printing their deeds on glossy paper. From that distant past, the photo of Jennifer Aniston as a young man is the triple pecked backwards towards the golden age of Friends and his marriage to Brad Pitt. That Brad Pitt that EHM reunited with fifteen years later during one of the last glamorous Hollywood events before the lockdown, with another epic photo.

Decontextualized from the origin, the last photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram becomes the universal sum of a common feeling, and a breaking news that discards from the past. That picture of Jennifer Aniston in a white tank top, cargo pants, long hair held tightly with her hands in a queue. Probably sitting for lunch with Brad Pitt in one of their amorous getaways around Europe (sigh), dusted off on a regular basis by the nostalgic profiles of the 90's and 2000 on Instagram. This time Jennifer Aniston beat them on the share, embodying the backstage of which she has always been an excellent representative, without grudges or «it was better before». Unlike the colleague of set Courtney Cox, perpetually committed to dusting the memories of Friends, Jennifer Aniston quickly made peace with that period and always tried to keep it in the archive. Until today. It's not Friends, ok, but it's his past anyway, and it's the sentimental one. That period Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt that everyone has hoped for revenge to see return. But no. Instrumental past for Jen: the fuck you Covid-19 sounds a bit like an old Simpsons cartoon «Old men yells at cloud», from fifty years old who complains on social media. Which she is, after all. But in the simplicity of the caption that encompasses collective thinking, Jennifer Aniston today speaks for the reached endurance limit. And if this isn't pop-ular and global, what?

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