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Strangerland, plot and cast of the film with Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise, Keith Urban
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Strangerland, plot and cast of the film with Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise, Keith Urban

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-14 13:51:22

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No distraction is allowed: Strangerland, a 2015 film directed by Kim Farrant, must be followed carefully. A dramatic film that revolves around the disappearance of two kids, whose family life hides unspeakable mysteries. The next TV programming of the film is for Tuesday 12 May at 1:17 pm on Iris.

The events narrated in Stragerland concern the Parker family and is set in Australia. Catherine and Matthew have recently moved from Coonaburra to the island town of Nathgari, in the middle of the desert. The move, suffered but necessary, was due to some scandals involving the eldest son, Lily, a teenager with a great desire to become an adult.

One morning, Catherine wakes up and in the boys' bedroom she finds neither Lily nor the little one at home, Tom. Alarmed, the search begins, despite the opposition of her husband who would like to stay away from new gossip. From that moment, everything will be questioned, even the couple's relationship of the two heartbroken parents. She is desperate, he continues to work waiting for things to resolve themselves.

In fact, the father is also very worried and when the daughter is found to have had sexual relations with some adult men in the country, the reaction will be violent. Police investigations do not appear to lead to the solution of the case. Until Matthew, who hides a secret, makes an incredible discovery. A bitter finish, with a happy ending only halfway.

The film reserves many twists but is particularly slow. The criticism, when it was released in theaters, did not praise it, quite the contrary. Even at the box office it was not a particular success. And yet, with such an extraordinary cast, Strangerland, perhaps, could have been something more. Wonderful as always, Nicole Kidman plays the desperate mother, squeezed between pain and uncertainty. At her side, in the role of her husband, Joseph Fiennes, while Lily and Tom are played by Maddison Brown and Nicholas Hamilton. The film also features Hugo Weaving, Meyne Wyatt, Lisa Flanagan and Martin Dingle Wall.

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