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Rich the Kid, Gucci Mane, YG start to clash, 6IX9INE, Net Worth
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Rich the Kid, Gucci Mane, YG start to clash, 6IX9INE, Net Worth

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-14 13:04:42

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New single for the rapper from Montreuil.

We expected this earlier. If Meek Mill is the most virulent and that he was one of the first to draw on the situation of 6ix9ine with Snoop Dogg and explaining that he wanted outright to destroy it, it seems that the reaction of the rapper of Philadelphia opened the way to d others who were just waiting for that to fall on Tekashi's back. It must also be said that the rainbow troll does not miss one and that rather than being discreet, he attacked in all directions. It was enough for Gucci Mane, YG and Rich the Kid to go on the attack. War is truly declared ...

The whole rap (artists, fans, journalists) has an opinion on 6ix9ine. Gucci Mane who also does quite well in the role of troll could not remain silent on the return of the rapper with multicolored hair. In a brief message posted on Instagram, Guwop said that he preferred to be silent and do his punishment rather than helping the feds ... He did not name Tekashi but everyone understood who his target was ...

All YG wanted was to honor the mother of her children on Mother's Day, Catelyn Sparks. But when someone compared her to 6ix9ine, presumably because of her tattoos, YG became aggressive and ended the exchange brutally.

#TSRClapbackseason: #YG was not playing about his! ????

6ix9ine could not refrain from intervening by speaking of Nicki Minaj and his number one position on the Billboard hot 100 with the remix of «Say So» by Doja Cat. History also to show that he was there and that he was following what was said about him.

6ix9ine has also revived in beef with Rich The Kid. The latter, who was born in Queens in New York, posted a video with the words «The King is at home» while on a plane to the Big Apple. Obviously, Tekashi, who also proclaimed himself the king of New York, jumped at the opportunity to mock: «He is fleeing his debt from Los Angeles, I'm about to call 911.»

To which Rich The Kid replied: «I'm about to get you out of your nursery». To which Tekashi replied: «let's donate your jewelry». He refers to a donation he wanted to make for the No Kid Hungry Foundation which feeds children in need and which was refused by the charity.

And then, he concluded by trying to revive the beef between Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert by involving him in their discussion.

To say that the return of 6ix9ine made an impression is an understatement and necessarily, it is not to the taste of many rappers. It was obvious that Tekashi would crystallize the critics. We almost found it long to start but ultimately, we are back to normal. Everyone hates it again in the game ...

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