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The famous warrior Ronda Rousey tricked fans. WWE, Ultimate Fighting Championship
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The famous warrior Ronda Rousey tricked fans. WWE, Ultimate Fighting Championship

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-14 12:43:54

Tags: WWE, Ultimate Fighting Championship.

She was a big star at first in Olympic judo, then mixed martial arts, and then half-circus wrestling from WWE. She made a film career along the way. The famous Ronda Rousey does not bite her tongue when someone does not behave as expected. She was just fooling WWE supporters, in indecent words.

The 33-year-old sportswoman is regularly urged to return to the ring, but now she devotes herself more to her family (her husband is a UFC player Travis Browne) and has not performed for some time. Her last sporting activity was fighting in the WWE wrestling circus in April 2019 and it was the fans of this specialty who would see Ronda back between the ropes. Stars, however, reject such proposals, not picking up the occasion in words.

During one of the online broadcasts, Rouse commented on matters related to her career in WWE. She admitted that she lacks rivalry in this sports category, but she was not in a hurry to return to the organization. One of the reasons is the supporters' attitude.

Conor McGregor has lost his mind ?! «I will flaunt you! You're already ***!»

- Conducting fake fights for the sheer joy is the best, I like this choreography, the acting aspect, the whole theater, and live, which is one of the last forms of theatrical live performance - said Rousey. - But working almost part-time, I was out and about 200 days a year and I came back dead. If I had to do all these shows, I would have to be at home maybe a day and a half a week. It wasn't worth doing for the family, because we didn't have any expenses living in this style, we didn't need it, bvo we didn't need money. What am I doing this for? I can't spend time and devote energy to my family, but instead I spend time and energy on a bunch of ungrateful fans who don't even respect me. I like to be there, I like to perform, but in essence my approach was: «Pier *** of these fans» - bluntly said.

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