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Selfie with regrowth is "the new #nomakeup selfie", even Salma Hayek falls for it. Husban, Daughter.
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Selfie with regrowth is "the new #nomakeup selfie", even Salma Hayek falls for it. Husban, Daughter.

News author: Lisa Bennett  /  2020-05-14 12:37:10

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The actress Salma Hayek is undoubtedly a natural beauty and with the latest selfie that shows the roots with the regrowth and the white hair sprouted in lockdown, she has shown it once again. The 53-year-old actress shared the photo in an Instagram post.

«To be proud of one's roots #hair #siverfox #roots», reads the comment on the photo. The post has received many likes, including that of her friend and star Charlize Theron.

«I love Salma, she is the sexiest woman in the world,» wrote one fan and another commented: «Beautiful as always».

And again: «You are amazing and very charming with your silver lightening».

Salma, who has a 12-year-old daughter, Valentina, has always been in favor of as natural a beauty as possible. The actress long ago declared she was proud of her white hair, as we read in a post from February 2019. A more free and connected approach with a true and non-artificial beauty that in quarantine has led many stars to make no mystery of their white hair, thanks to the closing of the salons.

The selfie with regrowth has thus become, in the covid era, one of the favorite shots in the feeds of the stars, almost as much as the photo #nomakeup.

Among the celebrities who have opted for a #hairpositive approach, and have not hidden the gray roots there is our local model Paola Turani who in a recent post with natural hair wrote: «Yes, dear friends! 60 days of living together with white hats on their heads popping up everywhere, I warn you that the situation is escalating and I officially asked my hairdresser for a tint. « How not to understand it!

The gray hairline was also exhibited by the Mexican-born actress Eva Longoria, 45, who became the queen of the #rootspride, also proposing her solution for an emergency retouch during the pandemic periods. A gesture that made the appearance of gray hair in lockdown more acceptable.

To follow up on the lockdown hair saga, the star has also more recently shown in a video the steps to do the tint alone at home, becoming one of us.

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