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Little Tiger Woods amazed Sam Snead in reality and fiction, Golf, Phil Mickelson
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Little Tiger Woods amazed Sam Snead in reality and fiction, Golf, Phil Mickelson

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-13 14:49:38

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A cartoon of Tiger Woods and Sam Snead met around the world, but Woods doesn't really remember when and where the meeting took place.

When Tiger Woods first met Sam Snead and played two holes with him. (Photo: Facebook @PGATour / Screenshot: Twitter @PGATOUR)

Today they share the same incredible record of 82 PGA tour wins. Tiger Woods was able to shoot Sam Snead after the 2019 Zozo Championship. A photo then went round, on which Snead gave the young tiger an autograph while he was casually sucking on a straw. The picture was first used in Wood's autobiography «How I Play!» (German first edition 2002) published. On the occasion of the shared record, the PGA has now published a cartoon video that shows how the two met for the first time. Woods comments in the background when, how and where the meeting took place.

«Sam was playing in Calabasas, outside in L.A.,» recalls Woods in the cartoon, «and I was that five-year-old snot with whom he had to play the last two tracks.»

Here Woods doesn't seem to remember the details of the meeting correctly. In the case of events that occurred 37 years ago, memory can sometimes play tricks on us. As the Golf Digest recently corrected, the meeting took place in 1982. Tiger Woods was six and not five years old. In addition, Woods' swing coach Rudy Duran remembers and prove photos that the two played together in Soboba Springs and not in Calabasas. The nice thing is that Duran confirms the further course of the unequal encounter and adds more details.

Woods reports that he couldn't hit very far at the time, so the ball landed in shallow water but still looked out of him: «I hit it in the water and Sam told me to take it out,» said Woods. «I didn't like that because my father taught me how to play as it is (...). So I hit the ball as it was and ended the hole with a bogey.»

Swing coach Duran recalls that Snead was surprised that Tiger refused to pick up the ball and insisted on playing it out of the water hazard. Tiger nevertheless hit the ball out of the water onto the green. «Sam shook his head in amazement and appreciation. For me it was a par for Tiger because he only got 90 yards when he hit the ball really well on the tee.»

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