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Mad Max: Tom Hardy vs Charlize Theron, the actors talk about the background, Al Capone, Peaky Blinders
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Mad Max: Tom Hardy vs Charlize Theron, the actors talk about the background, Al Capone, Peaky Blinders

News author: Deborah Ross  /  2020-05-13 14:43:43

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Mad Max: George Miller 's Fury Road was one of the last films, which arrived recently, which really made cinema, adventure and big screen lovers fall in love.

The director directed Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, in the role of Furiosa and Max, making them two real icons of modern cinema, while pushing the two actors to the limit. In fact, the rumors of quarrels and disagreements on the set were frequent, especially between the two protagonists.

Now, in a long interview with the New York Times, the two stars talked in detail about their discussions and what was the cause of the quarrels on the set.

Theron said, «In retrospect I hadn't really understood what Tom Hardy must have felt in taking up the legacy of Mel Gibson. It must be scary! And I think because of my fear we raised barriers to protect ourselves instead of telling us' This is scary for you and it is for me too. Let's be kind to each other. 'In a strange way we were acting like our characters: everything was about survival. «

Then he added: «The strongest thing that was making us carry on the whole production was fear. I was incredibly scared because I had never done anything like it. I think the most difficult thing between me and George was that he had the film in his head and I was desperately trying to understand it. «

Tom Hardy said: «In many ways it was too much for me. The pressure on both of them was sometimes too much. What I needed was a partner with more experience than I am. And it is something that cannot be pretended. I want to think that now that I'm older and ugly I would be up to the situation. «

Hardy then went on to explain that filming was taking place in no time, it was a very fast set and the actors had to trust the director blindly, but often they didn't know how he would act. This, of course, generated tension.

According to what Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Zoe Kravitz have also said about the difficult relationships on the set of the film, it seems shared opinion that Miller 's vision was so total and complete that no one could keep up with him, and in such a demanding film, even physically, it must be an element that certainly increases tension.

However, for his part, George Miller also suffered a lot from these shots, so much so that his wife said in the past: «At the end of the shooting, after six months, he was almost in pieces. I was worried about him. You should have seen him at the end of the he went on, he was so thin. «

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